lunes, 5 de junio de 2023

Ampliación periodo pago Banco de Libros

    Se informa de que se ha ampliado el plazo para pagar la cuota del Banco de Libros hasta el 11 de junio, fuera de este plazo se considerará que ya no se quiere ser usuario y se procederá a dar de baja del Banco de Libros, siempre con la obligación de devolver los libros del curso actual.

lunes, 29 de mayo de 2023

Reuniones informativas con familias

A continuación se señalan las fechas y horarios de las diversas reuniones informativas con las familias del alumnado de los diferentes niveles educativos:

A.- Reuniones con familias del alumnado de 6º de Primaria.

o   31 de mayo: miércoles

§  16:30 Quinto-Pina-Gelsa-LaZaida-Mediana

o   1 de junio: jueves

§  16:30 Fuentes


7 de junio: miércoles 

  • A las 16:30h. Dirigida a familias de alumnos de 2ºESO.

            Información sobre Orientación Académica.

  • A las 17:00h. Dirigida a familias de alumnos de 2º y 3º de ESO interesadas en CFGB/FPB.

            Información sobre el Ciclo de Formación Profesional Básica (antes FPB)


  • A las 17:30h. Dirigida a familias de alumnos de 3ºESO.

            Información sobre Orientación Académica.


  • A las 18:30h. Dirigida a familias de alumnos de 4ºESO.

            Información sobre Orientación Académica.

·         Reuniones solo con alumnado de BACHILLERATO:

o   2ºBTO: Día 19 de MAYO  en Salón de Actos. Orientación sobre inscripción en ciclos y Universidad + orientaciones para selectividad

o   1ºBTO: Día 31 de MAYO a 2ªh. en Salón de Actos

lunes, 22 de mayo de 2023

Diplomas 22/23. Fotos y videos

Publicamos más fotos y videos que nos han hecho llegar los asistentes a la entrega de diplomas del 2022/2023. Esperamos que os gusten ☺.

Los videos se pueden ver en el siguiente enlace:

domingo, 21 de mayo de 2023

Entrega de diplomas 22/23

 Un año más la entrega de diplomas volvió a ser un lugar de encuentro de toda la comunidad escolar del IES Benjamín Jarnés. Con la finalidad de despedir y felicitar al alumnado de bachillerato y ciclos formativos que finalizan sus estudios nos reunimos en Gelsa.

Tenemos que agradecer al Ayuntamiento de Gelsa la excelente organización del acto y su afectuosa acogida así como al alumnado, profesorado y autoridades que lo hicieron posible.

Os dejamos un archivo con algunas de las fotos del evento realizadas por algunos de los asistentes: lo podéis ver pulsando aquí


 Last week, Europe Day was celebrated on 9th May and our students were able to learn more about the European Union thanks to a PowerPoint presentation prepared by teacher Raúl Laplaza. 

To further engage our students with this event, a contest was organized by Programa BRIT and teacher Raúl Laplaza to vote for the best song or winner of the Eurovision Song Contest. The results came out on 13th May which saw Sweden as the winner. 

The winners of school contest are Rosalía Capacés (Deputy Head Teacher), Carla Aguirán (2nd Year F) and Iván Giménez (2nd Year B). Congratulations go out to these three for their achievement in participating in this bet! Other groups that participated closely include 1ºE from Norway; 1ºF & 1ºPAI from Poland; 2ºF from Sweden. 

You can have a look at all the pictures here

We would like to thank all participants who took part in this meaningful activity celebrating Europe Day!

martes, 16 de mayo de 2023


 Looking for a fun and educational way to learn about another country? Look no further than our BRIT WEEK / SEMANA BRIT! Our students have been hard at work researching all things about Scotland, from its history and geography to its traditional sports and celebrities. And what better way to learn than by experiencing it all firsthand? This year we’ve organised a range of activities based on our research, from online visiting Scottish castles to enjoying traditional Scottish legends by watching video clips. So why not join us for an amazing learning experience you won’t forget?

Thank you all students and teachers for participating in our Semana BRIT!! 

You can have a look at all the activities and pictures here

The CARLEE teacher's visit to observe lessons during BRIT WEEK was a great success. The coordinator implemented the advice given by the teacher and put it into practice in two sessions with 2nd and 3rd Year ESO students. During these sessions, both groups of students had opportunities to learn through different activities such as storytelling while drawing, mediation skills with our foreign language assistant Mckenzie O'Connor, as well as playing running dictation using bullet worksheets. These activities allowed for peer assessment which enabled them to gain a further understanding of their own learning process and that of their peers. 

Overall, this meaningful learning experience provided an opportunity for all involved parties - teachers included - to gain insight on how best practices can be applied in order for everyone involved in teaching-learning processes to benefit from it; not only did they get feedback on what worked best but also what could be improved upon or changed altogether if needed so that more effective outcomes are achieved going forward. This is especially true when dealing with diverse student populations who have different needs which must be addressed accordingly if successful teaching-learning experiences are desired.